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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Digital Menu was an option of class for restaurants who wanted a fancy upgrade while empowering their customers to self-serve quickly. There are a lot of added benefits to this apart from the aesthetical advantage, and we will go through all of them in this article. 

While we go over the list of benefits that are supposed to convince you why a digital menu is a must-have, it would be fair to let you know why you cannot afford not to have one on your premises. 

Catching up with the trends

The trend of self-serving has risen tremendously in the post-pandemic world. Customers are aware, informed, they know how to read through important information and get a quick solution. Another obvious trend in the post-pandemic world? Limiting human contact – and there is your hurting nerve. If given an option, one would effortlessly scan a QR code and order from their personal mobile screen rather than move through greasy pages circulating between food and tables. 

Save time 

Traditionally, one would decide their order and call over a staff member to note down their order. This comes with other limitations as well. Ordering between courses and modifying orders midway gets complicated and confusing. Every time one waits for a staff member to note the order and changes, they waste a few precious minutes of their time, add the prep and serve duration to it, and there you have it – a customer on the edge tired of waiting for your ‘poor service’.

All of this can be easily avoided by adopting a simple POS system that allows your customer to surf through the menu and place their order quickly and efficiently. 

Minimal scope for human error 

One doesn’t need to worry about forgetting items off a long order, or worse – noting down a wrong order. When an issue does boil down to customer dissatisfaction, it is often difficult to figure out where the miscommunication took place. More than often it is the staff member who has to take the fall for incorrect orders. This can be handled smoothly by empowering customers to easily place their orders while also holding them accountable for the choices they made. 

More information, more power 

It can get difficult for your staff members to memorize all the details of items listed in the menu. A lot of time customers have extra questions and specific requests regarding the way their order should be prepared. 

Digital Menu gives the option to share as much information as required in an easy to follow format. One can categorize their offerings under multiple categories and subcategories. Information regarding ingredients, prep style, and nutritional values can be listed on the menu. Any options to customize a dish can be shared as well. 

Real-time updates and feedback

With the option to update guests via notifications, one can constantly stay in touch with them once an order has been placed. Chefs can promote specials, discounts, and clear any queries during prep with the help of such features. 

You can also ask for reviews and feedback once the guest has been served without intruding into their personal space. 

According to a survey, customers like it when chefs value their feedback, but they don’t appreciate being interrupted in the middle of their outing.[/ohio_text]

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