Why ToolPill?

Our well-integrated SaaS platform helps you align and automate operations, build security, manage relationships, and employ management tools. Blessed with Cloud Services, now you can onboard the best IT solutions without having to sweat about an IT infrastructure and costs associated with it.

Simplify Your Reporting!

We are a huge advocate of achieving more with less, and that is exactly what we do. We help you achieve all of your business goals while keeping your firm light on the draining tangible resources.

We aim to be a solutions company that is known for accurately defining customer requirements, and crafts trustworthy services to solve all their business problems.

We Don’t Brag But…

Task Management

Connect your Task Management application with ToolPill to see your team efficiency. Helps you track workflow in real-time.

Sales and CRM

Manage your CRM at one click, analyze the lead journey to conversion and duplicate the data for better ROAS.

Finance Management

Integrate your Freshbooks to know all your Finance: P&L, Cash-Flows etc. Helps you to increase positive Cash-Flow.

Internal Communications

Real-Time Track data on employee communication by integrating your communication platform with the dashboard.

HR Management

Now Manage all your Employee Data from one single graph. Helps you build strong Arsenal.

Customer Support

The most crucial part of one's business is retaining a customer. We help you manage your service's positives and negatives from one single Board.

Before ToolPill

From using different sheets to mainstreaming the whole organizational data points to a single dashboard.

With ToolPill

ToolPill provides you a highly customized version of Data Studio bundled with unique applications all available for use at one click!

Together We Build Dreams

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