Sales and CRM

Map your customer’s experience journey, and improve overall interaction at each stage to delight them! Listening to your customers is the first step towards having a profitable business. Don’t let one of your most important stakeholders feel unheard.

Boost your sales

  • Capture leads directly from multiple platforms by integrating your online query forms and phone communications
  • Don’t ghost your customers! Pick up conversations from where they were left and grab every deal and opportunity
  • Sort and prioritize leads on the basis of defined parameters like criticality or percentage chance of conversion
  • Analyze and respond to captured insights in real-time to improve CSAT
  • Forecast accurately and gain up-to-date funnel status. With sales analytics and custom reports, you can examine open deals, region performance, and much more.

Let your customers feel included

  • Bring multiple support channels on a single platform for the ease of support team.
  • Automate the process of ticket creation, updates, and reminder pings for customer issues raised.
  • Visualize and maintain important metrics like customer satisfaction scores, and the average time that is taken to resolve a problem
  • To respond to frequently asked questions quickly, use prepared replies from past cases

No more jumping between the tabs

  • Manage emails, social media communications, SMS, phone calls, and every other channel by employing a multichannel dashboard
  • Handle multiple projects in relation to customers, deals, or cases. Break them down into assignable tasks and subtasks for users
  • Use the dashboard to keep track of your services and inventory
  • Work together with a shared view of your customer-related activities

Everything under the sun

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