Customer Support

Never miss out on what your customers have to say! Drive customer satisfaction with inclusive conversations.

Engage your customers!

  • Keep your communication lines open 24/7 and carry forward conversations round the clock
  • Automate your contact center without losing on the human touch with our self-learning AI
  • Eliminate language barriers with our multilingual speech-recognition technology
  • High-traffic dysfunctionality – what’s that? Connect any number of calls effortlessly with ToolPill
  • Stay in touch with your customers by setting up automatic notifications and reminders

Created to understand ‘You'

  • Smart tech that understands your customers and unlocks advanced personalization of calls
  • Troubleshoot your customer issues accurately with Intent Identification by analyzing speech inputs
  • Group calls on the basis of defined parameters to reveal conversational patterns and define the scope of improvement
  • Analyze customer idiolect to deliver content with personalized style and tone of voice.

Quality and Conversions

  • Monitor and maintain customer-call conversations without employing a huge task force, and save resources
  • Identify conversations that don’t meet specified quality standards in real-time
  • Receive high customer satisfaction score with minimal resources
  • Convert hot leads from website landing page using our smart chatbot
  • Track all your conversations over personal and public platforms and get real-time support for reputation management

Stay Connected

Listen to the unsaid needs of your customers and make yourself accessible; the perfect mantra to become a business that people love.

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