Focus on creating superior course content, while we handle everything for you. An easy to use, code-free service platform. Get all the right IT solutions without getting into the hassle of IT hardware infra.

Manage your own learning platform!

  • Launch courses on your own education website
  • Integrate all devices and launch an app to reach your mobile audience
  • Host live courses led by instructors and conduct a real-time interactive session
  • Let your users follow self-paced courses
  • Deliver important information by scheduling content segment drops

Build your online presence and be seen!

  • Create your own website with an easy drag and drop feature
  • Build and launch your android and ios app, a handy LMS system
  • Sell courses online over the globe and automate your payment management
  • ┬áHandle taxes, compliances, invoicing and billing
  • Integrate local payment gateways maintain prices based on local geography dynamics

Everything you need to grow your platform

  • Use our digital marketing tools to increase your traffic on various platforms
  • Retarget your audience and use affiliate marketing to increase conversions
  • Interact with your audience, listen to them, and give them exactly what they want or better!
  • Apply promo and offers to track the conversion of multiple platforms and increase sales
  • Build and nurture a community of like-minded people

The best thing you can do with knowledge is, pass it on!

Empowering every creator by giving them the tools to build their own educational platform.

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