A complete package to facilitate the running of your successful online store Advanced solutions to meet the complex needs of a new-age business

Manage your back-end operations

  • Track your orders across multiple marketplaces from a single screen
  • Ease up on the load of inventory management and control the inflow/outflow without any complications
  • Integrate your web-store with ERP, logistics parties, and more
  • Manage order cancellations and returns, and make things smooth for your customers
  • Get real-time insights, take actions to maintain all the measured parameters within the required limits
  • Maintain accurate finances with automated payments and updates

Get feedback and work upon it for the best results!

  • Start conversing and get the most out of user-generated content.
  • Receive honest user reviews and respond to critical issues in real-time to maintain online reputation

Wherever your customers go, you follow

  • Follow leads through the customer journey via email marketing
  • Reach out to the right audience with targeted ads
  • Use retargeting and let potential customers revisit your platforms

Automate and integrate the right technology to get your future-ready online business up and running.

The rise in the e-commerce industry is evident, but the efforts put behind a successful online store are often on the sideline. Understand how the right tech infra lies at the heart of every e-commerce organization.

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