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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]It’s natural to imagine that excellent customer service can only be provided when someone is present to answer all of your customer’s questions. Customers, on the other hand, don’t always want to contact your support personnel. They’d rather figure things out on their own and get done with it as quickly as possible before resuming their daily schedule. In such a situation, customer self-service is an important element in providing an excellent customer experience. [/ohio_text]

Here are a few ways in which organizations are setting up resources to help customers self-serve. 



Identifying the top reasons why customers contact your support team is one of the most significant methods to make your self-service portal a worthwhile resource. Make a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Your clients should be able to get the answers to these queries without having to look too hard through your self-service portal. Add the most frequently asked questions to the self-service home page to make it easy to locate.



Chatbots are typically seen in a live chat application and can be programmed to respond to commonly requested inquiries. Customers can be frustrated by undertrained chatbots, therefore it’s critical that the chatbot you choose makes it simple for them to contact a human agent. 


AI-enabled voice agent

For customers reaching out via voice channels instead of your website or portals, an AI voice agent is an amazing technology that firms may consider to tackle the communication traffic.


Quoting tools

“Price upon request” is a sales tactic often used. On one hand, it certifies a potential visitor as a legitimate lead, assisting your sales reps and initiating a conversation. On the other hand, it puts pressure on people who are just looking around or don’t want to wait for a quote. Having a price list, on the other hand, isn’t realistic for every firm, as some rely on numerous assessments before quoting a price. 

We provide such features to capture a lead young in our software offerings on-demand.


Community forums

Users can ask questions and receive answers from other users in a community forum, as well as search for previously asked queries. A community forum might be part of a company’s knowledge base or a separate section of its website. Community moderators are common in forums, with some oversight from company administrators.


You can save time and money while still satisfying consumer expectations if you use a self-service solution. Customers may not pay you per encounter, but you must compensate your customer care representatives for their time and expertise. Using a self-service portal to generate a more satisfied client base and a more efficient customer support personnel is a wise strategy. However, setting up a customer self-service portal does not rule out the possibility of a client contacting a support professional. Customers may still want to contact support employees, and if doing so is difficult, it generates a negative experience. Regardless of the quality of your self-service portal, it’s critical that your support agents have easy access to them via chat, email, or phone.

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