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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]AI customer support windows like chatbots are becoming an important part of every customer-facing website. And why shouldn’t it be? Let us list the obvious advantages before we dive into some insights that are often not taken into consideration.


Nothing is more satisfying than a quick reply and speedy resolution of issues raised by a customer. Response time is one of the most important factors when it comes to satisfaction scores. You can instantly tackle every conversation, 24 hours round the clock!


You do not need to train multiple care executives on how to handle conversations. Talking about the workforce, you probably do not need to hire multiple representatives in the first place! All you need is self-maintaining software that learns every day and improves your company’s care experience.


And let us not forget the human limitations that tech can scale easily. Almost every solution available in the market is multilingual. It can tackle repetitive questions in an instant, identify patterns and lead to quick problem solving via a question-driven conversation used for diagnosing. A single care executive can entertain one line at a time, you need to constantly grow your team in parallel to the growth of your customer base. An automated system can attend unlimited calls at the same time, automatically cutting down the hold-time of every call.


A lot of times customer conversations aren’t very clear, and this might happen due to various reasons. Bad network, distorted voice, unidentified accent, or any such conversational factor might hamper the AI handled conversations. It is necessary to track all these unresolved calls in order to identify the problem arising.


To sum up, you can provide a better customer experience with improved communication channels while minimizing costs! However, a well-integrated customer support system is not all about saving costs and solving customer issues.


Those who have applied SaaS solutions to different domains of their organization know that tech transformation is just the beginning. A simple adoption will completely change the way you conduct your business and the way your firm is perceived by the stakeholders.


One needs to understand that in order to drive a conversation, the AI is analyzing everything your customer says in order to ‘understand’ them.


With technologies like Contextual Conversation Clustering, you can tackle various managerial questions like why aren’t sales converting, why are customers saying no to all the upsells, what is causing repetitive calls, why the sat score dropped after certain calls, etc.


All the calls are scanned through and grouped on the basis of decided parameters, and insights are collected from them. The detected patterns are then utilized to provide situational reports that explain why a certain pattern is occurring or to make an actionable proposal to a human agent in the event of a transfer. AI tracks the conversation after the transfer to see how the proposed solutions worked in the further course of the case.


Idiolect screening helps pick up the speech habits of customers along with their demographics for a better understanding of the conversation, helping set the right tone for a more personalized experience.


In short, if you really want to ‘listen’ to your customers, adopt AI-Driven service to handle your customer support and care-related operations. [/ohio_text]

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